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We’ve all experienced feclings of dread–the quickened pulse, tensed muscles, and slow rise of a cold chill starting in our toes and radiating upward until it fills our entire body. Some-like me–chase that feeling of dread through creepy crawly stories of creatures who go bump in the night. But, there’s another side to dread- the crippling side that prevents us from stepping out into the spotlight and saying “Here I am!’ out of fear of failing and being ridiculed. Dreadful means to induce fear or terror, but it also refers to poor quality and shoddiness, and it was this double meaning that drew me to the word. I was deep in the process of writing my first novel and was terrified at the prospect of releasing it. I feared the imagined rejection I might encounter so much so it paralyzed me. So, I decided to wear this fear like a badge, and Dreadful Media was born. I’m Chris Cooper, and I love to take my readers on adventures into the dark and macabre-whether it’s a set of cursed oddities hidden behind the walls of an old Victorian home, the haunted world obscured by a tree line, or even the internal webs woven to keep grief, rage, and fear hidden behind a carefully curated veil.